Your Starting Point

Setting off on your journey

We offer our experience to you in a number of ways depending on your needs. Our consultation and service streams can be mixed and matched to provide you with a development program that fits with your situation.

Our initial one-hour meeting with you can be conducted in person, by phone or via Skype Video Conference. Your initial confidential consultation is free of all charges.

During this first meeting:

  • You can tell us your inventor’s story and we will ask some questions to ascertain exactly where you are positioned in the development of your idea or product.
  • We believe  it is essential for both you and us to understand the status of your intellectual property rights, as this can significantly alter how you might proceed.
  • We can then discuss your idea’s potential, it’s commercial viability and examine what options might be available to realise the true value of your idea or invention.
  • We will outline our fees and charges if the project is to proceed with our help and also give you some idea of the likely capital outlays during early stage product development.

Further consultations can be scheduled where we might:

  • use our expertise and, if required the input of relevant associates, to put in place a plan of activities and milestones to drive your project forward,
  • provide guidance on the ways you can participate in as much of the work and the processes as possible which is the most direct way to reduce your expenses,
  • invite members of our collabarative network to provide you with expert advice on design, prototyping and manufacture.