What our clients say ...

As a Small Business Advisor, Mentor and inventor who created and launched one of the auto industry’s most successful aftermarket products, I often meet fellow entrepreneurs keen to understand more of what it takes to get an idea from just being an idea to being a successful product. What I learned was that I don’t know it all and that it really takes a team of people with a wide range of skills to put it all together.

I have been very lucky to have met Vern Johnson from Onsong Innovation and helped him evolve his products. At the same time, I have added Onsong Innovation as a critical part of my team of associates who have the vision, flexibility and adaptability to help inventors and entrepreneurs develop and market their ideas.

Onsong Innovation’s outstanding knowledge of electronics and electrical engineering make them an extremely valuable asset for people wanting to develop new products, but it is their creative input into all the other aspects of getting products to market that has me excited to work with them.

Wayne Rabnott – Coach, SBS mentor, Small Business Advisor, Inventor. (Sunland Dashmats)