Our Products

Our products

Onsong Swing – Golf Training Aid

The culmination of four years development the OnsongSwing® golf training aid is soon to be followed by other applications of our patented swing training aid invention

With product testing and user trials completed, we anticipate sales of the OnsongSwing® to commence via our e-commerce portal in 2015. Just a couple more manufacturing hurdles to jump and we are there.

The commercialisation cycle has been incredibly complex: business structure, I.P. protection, R&D efforts, compliance and certifications, manufacture processes and now, finally marketing and our e-commerce sales facility.

In the years between the bright spark idea and the marketplace, we have tried very hard to take all the steps in parallel, however we have spent a lot of time waiting for completions. Maybe that is how GM spent $2b on the last Commodore.

We have made a considerable investment, on the strength of our belief in the product and our determination to take it to market.

We haven’t been alone in this journey as we have had a valued mentor and a number of talented and professional contractors and suppliers … all of whom are listed on our associates pages.

It has been quite a journey with its frustrations, delays and reworking. However, I wouldn’t hesitate to start all over again given the experience and knowledge we have accumulated through this fantastic journey. Cheers!